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Current Music:"Wake me up when September ends"-Green Day
Time:09:53 pm

I can't wait for this fall.

There are SOOOO many amazing movies coming out.

SOOOO many.

There is also gonna be movie versions of the musicals 'Rent' and 'The Producers'

The Producers had Mathew Brodrick. He's cool.

and SOOOOOO many good movies.

Actually, its already started, with "Broken Flowers" and "The Aristocrats" but I can't see those movies just yet.

Damn it.

Expect a more indepth post at a time when I don't have school and stuff.
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Current Music:Queen - Under Pressure
Subject:Night Court!
Time:01:36 pm
Night Court is the most amazing show I've ever seen. It might be either on par or BETTER THAN M*A*S*H!!! I know, it's blasphemy, but I'm serious! It's on a Saturday and Sunday marathon on TV Land and it's BRILLIANT! The setting is in a municipal county courthourse with the eccentric magician-judge Harry T. Stone, the smutty and lecherous Prosecuting Attorney Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE!!!!), the beautiful and straight-laced Public Defense Attorney Christine Sullivan, the incredibly stupid but sweet as a Hershey's Bar Bailiff Bull, Harry's assistant Mac Robinson, and the sarcastic Bailiff Roz. This whacky cast of characters are great, all with their own idiosyncracies that make them oh-so-fabulous! Judge Stone is hysterical, from his amateur magic tricks to his horrible fashion sense to his Mel Torme obssession (for which offense to any of his Mel Torme items is punishable by death). He and Miss Sullivan SO have feelings for each other, it's great! He's so romantic, wooing her softly while trying to go in for a kiss. And he has a great love of pranks, including almost hang-gliding to the Statue of Liberty and putting a pair of Groucho Marx glasses on her!

Fwaha, check out Night Court!
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Current Music:Jet - Timothy
Time:12:31 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Saturday morning episodes of Avatar are amazing. I love the crazy caracters and their idiosyncracies. Poor Ang, just trying to be normal and save the world all at once. Damn his life sucks. I love how utterly awesome Zuko is though, it's great. He's like "Aha! The Avatar! Noooo angst session!"

Ahaha- Ang = Angst. Bwaha, beautiful connection.
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Current Music:"Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus" - The Mars Volta
Time:09:56 pm
hmm, yeah.... School started in case you didn't know.

That would be useful if the two other people in this community didn't go to the same school, but for the time being, I like to imagine that there's more than only three members total...

I think that everyone should watch 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends'
Its hilarious. Bloo is Mac's imaginary friend, and Cheese is a new invention of Macs imagination (or so they think...) They're making a go cart.

Bloo- Okay, Lets paint the Flames on now!
C- ::lower pitched:: Bunnies
B- ::higher pitched:: FLAMES!
C-::lower:: BUNNIES
B-::higher:: FLAMES
C-::sinister whisper::Buuuuunnnnnnies
B-:even higher:: FFFLAAAAAAAMES!
Mac- STOP IT!!!

::mac and blue are pushing a go-cart::

B- I don't even know you anymore
M- Well at least the bunnies are on fire.

XD I swear, give this show a try, its definatly worth it, its just friggin HILARIOUS

And Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi is strangly addicting....

No, I'm not downloading the bands music......
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Current Music:"Smile Like You Mean It"-The Killers
Time:04:29 pm
Wow, so much for updating every day huh?

Well, today as I sat down with my cup of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream to watch M*A*S*H, I thought to myself "Hey, I need to do an update on Screaming Turkey." So here I am.

But, really, I havn't anything to say.

They were playing re-runs of the West Wing on Bravo for today's marathon. More specifically, episodes that I had already seen. Which are most anoying.

hmm, guess that's all.
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Current Music:Shout Out Louds - the Comeback
Time:06:47 pm
Current Mood:complacenti really should be drawing...
Things to watch for:

Neon Genesis Evangelion on Adult Swim. Really? Awesome, i've never seen it!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a GREAT movie. Depp reminds me eerily much of Micheal Jackson, but is such a good way.

Howl's Moving Castle is also quite good. As many people said walking out of the theatre, 'It's no Spirited Away.' Yea, whatever. That's because it's HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. Howl is beautiful. ::drool::

In other news, i've re-discovered Outlaw Star and am also obsessed with Detective Conan. The small children at the art center keep me updated on the happenings of Miguzi, because i always miss it. We sit at lunch with the other counselors and they fill me in on the latest Teen Titans episode.

Apparently the 6th HP is a giant soppy fanfiction, but i haven't read it yet. Herbie Fully Loaded SUCKED ASS but the love interest guy was quite lovely... and Lohan in a skirt is always a treat. I actually don't mind her music, but i wish i could say it was worth the money they charge for it.

the Shout Out Louds are yummy.
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Time:10:10 pm

Adult Swim is getting Neon Genisis!

The otaku gods have heard the crys of all the poor, DSL-less, money less otakus whose only source of anime is Adult Swim. Yes, we do exist.
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Current Music:"Reaction"-Bob Marley and the Wailers
Time:10:57 pm
ya know, Its hard trying to update every day. so just shush. Before I have to lay the smackdown on someone, yo.

I've noticed that all of the good tv is on late. Really. Like Harvey Birdman: Attourny at law. That show is amazing man.

[Police cars surround a small 'house' (more like a shack) police are yelling "Come on out Wally!"]

Sherif : "Okay Wally, we've got your Attourney/Bounty Hunter right here."
Harvey : "Hello Wally, I want you to come out so I can speak to you, Litigator to . . . Alligator"
Wally [drunken southern drawl] : "Well, I wan' tickets to the Indy fi' hunred!"
Harvey : "I'll . . . see-what-I-can-do, now will you please come out?"
Walley [see above]: "Well, alrigh'. Are y'all gonn tackle me?"
Sherif : "A little"
Walley : "Awwwww, man."

[Steps out of shack and is tackled by five policemen.]

And that's not even the good stuff!
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Time:11:30 pm
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Current Music:"Explosion"- Jumbo
Time:10:31 pm
I was watching South Park earlier tonight. It was the episode where Kyle went to see the Passion of the Christ. There was this one scene where Kyle is having a nightmare about the crucifixion of Christ. It shows Christ carrying the Cross, then there are quick flashes of old artwork depicting the same thing.

In the last set of rapidly flashing pictures, there was a picture of Alan Alda.


Some time ago they were showing a tv special that was named "Guns, Germs, and Steel" It was, apperently, the book condensed into a one hour block. Jared Diamond was of course the narrator/tour guide. There was one question posted by Diamond - "Why is it that in the race of evelution, some civilizations marched faster?"

My brother replied "Maybe they were goose-stepping."
He quickly added ,"No, that has nothing to do with Nazis, I just always thought that you would move faster goose-stepping rather than that other type of marching."

Is Nickleodean still showing new episodes of Avatar? I'm only seeing re-runs on now. Or they just don't show it at all some times. Damn them and their inability to make up their minds!

hmm. well, at least its a post!

peace out
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