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Time:09:28 am

IN OTHER NEWS: Its been a long time hasn't it? Well, House is still awesome, the west wing is long over, and that season of Digimon ended up not being great.




Good stuff coming in the future.

Saw Doubt a bit back. Really good acting throughout. Excellent watch, a little depressing, but mostly just AWESOME.

Yes Man was really funny, and it didn't fall into the usual "Jim Carey doing obscene things" rut that some of his old movies, and had a really cute romance in it. Definitely worth a rent.

WATCHMEN. It was friggin SWEET. Best if you've read the book really. The changed ending was really good, and BY GOD MAN THE BEAUTY OF IT! The movie is shot really AWESOMELY and has GREAT CG. Also GODAM WHAT A SOUNDTRACK.

Hmmmm. I think that's it for now. CAN'T WAIT FOR IRON MAN 2 NEXT YEAR!
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Time:11:14 pm
Cars fucking kicked ass. Pixar does it AGAIN!

Fcuk yes! Everyone should see this movie! Not only for the HOLY SHIT animation, but for the OMG awesomly writtin story!

Cause its PIXAR. They KICK ASS!!!

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Time:09:14 pm
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This is sad people! The last post that wasn't made by me was in september of last year! Granted, I havn't been posting as much as I said I would, but still! I'm only vice-turkey!

Anyways, as far as news goes, the Summer Movie issue of EW is out. I have to mention that The DaVinci Code is looking pretty kick ass. But the big thing is A Scanner Darkly.

So what they did with this movie is that they filmed it normally. Then they took each frame and had artists paint over each one.

So its an animation right?

Wait, what?

Yeah. They filmed it and then went in and Animated it.
Oh, and its about drugs and Mr. Reeves himself plays the lead.

This should be very interesting...

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Time:01:35 pm
Full Metal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala premiers October 3, 2006.

For those of you who don't know, Oct 3 holds grand importance in the anime, it is the day that Ed and Al burn their house and leave Resimbool.

Thank You Funimation.
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Time:06:18 pm
New digimon. holy shi'ites. NEW DIGIMON SHOW!!! STARTS THIS SUNDAY (in Japan -_-;)


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Time:09:38 pm
I don't know why I never watched the Sci-Fi channel.

I mean, I should've. I mean really, my favorite genre of most anything is Sci-fi/Fantasy. It would make sense that I would watch the Sci-Fi channel.

I'm convinced its the movies. They have the worst cheesiest movies.

But over the break I watched the channel. They were having a Stargate Atlantis marathon. And I fell in love with it. It was hilarious, it made me laugh, it made me cry! A show definately worth checking out. During this marathon, I saw a comercial for Battlestar Galactica. I swear, I've never seen a cooler shot t.v. show with such kickass looking CG. They had a marathon of that, and I was able to watch some of it.

omg. I have a new show to obsess over. This show is amazing. First what cathes you is the visual style. Its shot in a very exciting style, many handhelds, uber dramatic. Then the story. Its crazy! There's twists and turnes, but not so much to make it cheesy and cliche. Its just amazing. Watch it.

Stargate Atlantis : 8 PM Fridays
Battlestar Galactica : 9 PM Fridays
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Time:09:42 pm
The West Wing is so amazing. Really, it is.

The last season of the West Wing was amazing, the new Election storyline really made it all so Amazingly exciting and fastpaced. Josh leaving to be Campaign Manager for the new Democratic Candidate. COnly one problem, the Republican Candidate (played by Allan Alda) is so amazing, Josh can't think of a single Democrat that would beat him. So he picks the only person he thinks might have a chance, Senator Santos. That's right bitches, he's a Hispanic! hah! Anyways, the season carrys on with many scandles and such. The President has MS, and is paralyzed on a trip to China, everyones like "Why didn't he disclose this information blah blah blah"; the Democrats can't make up there mind who they should nominate, and the Democratic Convention is insane. And then there's the problem with the Space Station.

There's a leak in the space station, and the astronauts in it only had three days of oxygen left, and there were no available space shuttles.

Except! for the millitary space craft!


That's right! The military had Space craft! But the thing is they can't send the craft up. Why?
Because there's a Russian on board!

So he would see that the military had this weapon, and the new s would spread quickly, and then BOOM! SPACE WARFARE! Something that is very very bad.

But what happens? That's right, some one LEAKS that there's a military spacecraft. So everybody knows, and they send the craft to get the astronauts. But the question still remains, who leaked the information ?::questionmark::?

Now, all the foreshadowing in the show points at C.J. She was one of the few people that knew about the ship, and she was opposed to just letting the astronauts die so as to keep the militaries plans under wraps.

But on todays episode, it is reveiled that it was in fact Toby. That's right, the white house's Press Secretary leaked the information. And he has to be fired!

What!?! Not Toby! Anyone but Toby! But yes! Toby, who's brother died , who was an astronaut. Hells naw!

But I still think that he was just covering for C.J. I missed a couple of episodes, so its entirly possible.

So yeah, all I'm really trying to say, in a kind of roundabout way is



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Subject:Geeking it out: A rant by Amy
Time:01:29 am
Current Mood:geektastic
Just saw 2 new, KICK-ASS episodes of Justice League Unlimited. The summaries are below.

Episode #27 - We Are Legion
Original Airdate - September 17th 2005 - Season Premiere

Lex Luthor escapes from a maximum security prison, only to be invited to join Grodd's unstoppable Legion of Doom.

Episode #28 - Shadow of the Hawk
Original Airdate - September 17th 2005

Batman is suspicious of Shayera's new boyfriend, a mysterious archeologist with sinister ties to her Thanagarian past.

I liked both a lot, but especially "Shadow of the Hawk". This one really hits home on the major problem with comic-to-television conversions and mixing series together: staying true to character identity. An example I'd like to bring up is the relationship between Shayera Hol and Green Lantern John Stewart in the animated Justice League series and how it translates form the comics. In tonight's episode, they finally brought in Hawkman, who was one of the founding members of the Justice League. When you do an animated television series based on a comic book series, you run into technical and chronological difficulties. Due to the issues of a television series budget, you are severely limited in the amount of character you can use from a comic book series. You never know when your show will get cut, so you need reliable and appealing characters. With the first two seasons of Justice League, they used Hawkgirl for another female character on the team and John Stewart (Green Lantern 3 or 4 I think) for a minority character. There was caution around including some characters from the DC Universe due to their connections with other characters. For example, Hawkman is the natural complement to Hawkgirl. However, the inclusion of Hawkman will seriously fuck up the animated series continuum. If we add Hawkman permanently to the animated series, the future son of Green Latern John Stewart and Hawkgirl Shayera Hol, Warhawk, will disappear from that timeline. Hawkman and Hawkwoman are married and... produce children I think. Unsure on that though. So unless Hawkman dies in a freakishly horrible accident, bye bye Warhawk. Also, anyone remember Katma Tui? The Green Lantern in the animated series that re-trained John Stewart? She was his wife in the comic book series. The fact is, I love Hawk Girl with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. She's fierce, bold, proud, and super awesome to the maximum extent. However, from what I understand, they added all the forms of Hawkgirl together for the sake of character simplicity. Many comic book fans would scream against this as an outrage, but I can understand from a business leve

In a perfect world, animated series would be comic book series that move and never get canceled, just had the writers changed when the previous one gets writer's block. However, that is not something we can do with an animated series. Budgets, deadlines, the possibilty of cancelation: all you can do is make the best show you can that appeals and will hopefully stay long enough for you to arrange it around so it stays true to comic quality in the end. But when you live from season to season, that's incredibly hard. If you want a stable audience, you need to make a more or less simple cast. Over complicaton of the plotline will confuse your audience and drive them away. Television audiences and comic book readers are different by nature. Readers are literate and process details while television watchers simply have to watch. As one who falls into both of these categories, I can understand both opinions from such groups. Especially depending on the network you're working with. If Justice League were on say, Sci-Fi Channel, it could be as complicated as the original animated series. However, Justice League is on Cartoon Network, a rather ideal place because of it's friendly nature with DC animated series past. The main and hulking problem with Cartoon Network is that the primary audience is not that of devoted comic book readers but adolescents and younger age groups. Over-complication of plot and characters could drive this audience away.

As John Stewart put it (more or less) to Shayera/Hawkgirl's date with Carter Hall/Hawkman; "This shouldn't be happening. We traveled to the future, we met my son. Shayera and mine's son, our son. This shouldn't be happening." To which Batman replies, "Then why are you still with Vixen?" There is a reason why most animated series fail. Comic fans get pissed and make a lot of ruckus on how the TV series is nothing like the comic books. To those people, I say this: I love comic books and the television series both, but as DIFFERENT ENTITIES. The processes of producing these creative mediums are completely different, and thus produce different products. And to be honest?

I really like Shayera Hol and John Stewart as a couple. If it wasn't for the Justice League animated series, this great pairing would never have happened.

Have a nice evening everyone.

This is amazing and so not my account or scan: Clack Canaray and huntress mocking Batman ---> http://img345.imageshack.us/img345/1320/074029hd.jpg
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Time:09:58 pm
I wonder if it's healthy to be this In Love with Bleach. Tite Kubo is slowly approaching divine status for this one.

I've spent the better part of a beautiful afternoon downlaoding Bleach wallpapers, and i must say it was time well spent. A lot of the WP's feature characters i don't recognize, or charcaters which are now mostly evil or insignificant and, apparently, are going to become part of the 'team' in the near future. like the guy with the tatooed eyebrows. he's like in every group picture. :squees like a fangirl and faints: i just have the most lustful urge to go read spoilers. But i won't, because i'm too much in love with this manga. Ichigo is definately #1 on my Most Frickin Awesome Heroes of All Time list.

In other news, ABC Family decided to hold a Wildfire marathon today. So both my brother and sister have been glued to the TV all day, and it mystifies me as to how they can stand such bullshit.

Basically, its about this girl who's living with her distant family or something and she's got this horse (named Wildfire, ironically, the same name as the godawful title of the show) and a hot guy stalking her and a dark past and this rival girl with short skirts and... yea, complete shit, as i said. Underneath the 'family' television facade lies a cheaply produced soap opera full of Hot people talking about how Hot they are and how Hot everyone of the Opposite Sex are (and i swear, some of these guys are so in the closet it's painful).

And the writing, AUGH. It's like they were trying to capture the hip modern banter of Gilmore Girls but were also trying to hard to rip off the O.C. that it just exploded in everyone's faces and so it's excruciatingly dull. It sounds liek the stuff a high-schooler would write, or that smut that you find in cheap teen romance novellas. bleh.

and then on top of that it all revolves around this girl and her beloved horse. A if they couldn't get more corny. It scares me to think that this show is aimed at girls me sister's age, and it's teaching them that all they ned to worry about is Horses, Hot guys, and How to Look Sexy While Doing Yardwork. (their warddrobes are ridiculous. They're supposed to be poor and yet designer clothes seem to magically appear out of their closets.)

Anyway, im off to watch Honey and Clover, a ridiculous yet charming anime. yum.
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Time:10:35 pm
So, I'm watching M*A*S*H today and omg Charles kisses a girl???? He has emotions for other human beings, and they were RECIPROCATED?????? wtf?

But that's not what I wanted to say. What I wanted to say was that in one of the episodes there was a character that I recognized. I mean to say, I recognized the actor, but I couldn't quite place him.

So I copied down his name and it turns out that he's the guy from Arrested Development. You know, the father that's always in jail or on the lamb or somthing like that.

I just thought that was kick ass.
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